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Practical “Skinner Box for the Information Age”?

New Invention

New Invention

Several years ago, I invented a technology that was a bit ahead of it’s time.  One of the technical challenges was that it needed a practical and cost effective way to store large amounts of data.  I’m pleased to discover that a new holographic storage product may make this invention one step closer to practical reality.Popular Science has named InPhase Technology’s 300 Gigabyte storage disk it’s product of the year.  My earlier patent was a technique to overcome a major problem with studies in psychology that people know they’re being assessed, and change their natural behavior.  The innovation used lasers in 3 dimensions to assess human behavior, such as the golf swing of Tiger Woods, and record it like a movie for later playback by amateurs. I originally sought an invention to help semiconductor factories track their robots better (to predict when preventative maintenance was required) in addition to various human assessment applications, but it wasn’t practical without lots of data storage, and high stakes risks.  Mabye now with this type of storage, it’ll become cheap enough to be practical.


Moodle on my Noodle

Ever since I launched the Scientific Leader, I was pleased that my Internet Service Provider had an easy-to-install, open source Learning Management System for me to include, along with this blog.  Moodle has turned out to be a goldmine of usefulness.  First, I was able to upload an introductory class on Rasch Measurement that I created using Udutu, for free.  Moodle has a very robust user base and frequent upgrades.  I was especially pleased to learn that it also has a testing/quiz function, and curiously has a separate survey function